Excellence (Philippians 3:12-16)

  • At Crossroads, we value EXCELLENCE. This standard is very simple — it's just hard. We believe Jesus desires the best that we have to offer. Jesus’ expectation is that we are “all in” when it comes to this journey of discipleship. Jesus’ expectation is not mediocrity nor is it perfection. Excellence is the pursuit of a lifestyle of being “all in” for the journey of discipleship.


Authenticity (Ephesians 4:11-13)

  • At Crossroads, we value AUTHENTICITY. We believe God has created each of us with a base ministry.  This ministry is not an “office” or A “title” but the way God has wired us. We believe that for us to live into our vision, we need each person to live into their base gifting and to develop the other gifts during different phases of their lives. We value authenticity because we desire each person to be free to authentically celebrate and live into who Jesus has created them to be.


Risk (Matthew 4:18-20)

  • At Crossroads, we value RISK. We believe Jesus calls all of us to leave what we know and to go into the unknown with Him on the journey of discipleship. This journey of discipleship is a lifestyle of faith by constantly responding to Jesus breaking into our lives and being willing to act upon His leading regardless of where it might take us.


Passion (Luke 23:34)

  • At Crossroads, we value PASSION. We believe Jesus demonstrates this passion for us on the Cross as He demonstrates His commitment to living into the Vision for His life. Our responsibility is to live into our Vision (individually and corporately) with the same passion. It is this passion that empowers us to remain focused on the vision regardless of the enemy’s tactics to distract and discourage.